MSc Product Design Engineering

University of Glasgow | Glasgow School of Art


Human Factors, Core Research Methods for Design, Integrated Engineering Design, Microelectronics in Consumer Products, User Ethnography, Design Methodoly, Designing for Usability, Visual Communication, 3D Digital Sculpting (3DS Max)


Designing for the Homeless - created a human-centric system that broke down the social barriers between the public and victims of the Glaswegian housing crisis, alongside tackling other issues faced by them. Commended by Shelter Scotland. Designed a user interface for a virtual account network that would be operated by local charities and rough sleepers.

Doggo : facilitating safe pet air travel.

Upgraded the user experience of a kitchen appliance through iterative design.

Design of an airbrush compressor, proposing a novel technology whilst working with numerous constraints for the client base.

BSc Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering



Design for Quality, Computer Aided Engineering, Engineering Design, Design for Manufacture, Design for Assembly, Automation & Robotics, Lean and Six Sigma


Dissertation involved design and human testing of a pioneering olfactory display technology, complete with operational UI. Thesis material and adjacent research paper used at international IEEE symposium in Japan

My Ticket Rep: Created and pitched a business plan to a board of industry SMEs, invited to national shortlist by a representative from Virgin Startups.

Numerous technical projects involving iterative conceptual design in an individual and multi-disciplinary capacity.

Worked on the University of Warwick Formula Student racing team.

GCSE & A-Levels (Secondary School)



A*AABB: Maths, Further Maths (self taught), Product Design, Physics, English Literature (AS)


11A*s, 2 A's: Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, English Language, German, Geography, Art, Product Design, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Information Technology


Arkwright Scholar sponsored by AECOM

Grade 8 Piano, receiving distinction at every grade bar 1.
Grade 5 Music Theory
Self Taught Guitarist
1st XI at cricket, represented Middlesex u15s
3rd XI at rugby
Corporal at Combined Cadets Force (CCF)

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